Semi-Public Enemy #1

Reader Phil alerted this page to buzz-killing comments made by Keith Law at regarding the Soriano signing. As I am too cheap to be an ESPN Insider myself, my knowledge of the column is limited to what Reader Phil reported, plus what I could pull up myself in the free preview:

So, let me get this straight: The team that finished last in the National League in OBP in 2006 (and, not coincidentally, second-to-last in runs scored) with a
.319 team mark just signed a left fielder with a .320 career OBP and a .337 OBP in 2006 (both figures exclude intentional walks) to replace a guy with a .365 OBP in 2006. And they're paying $17 million per year for the privilege -- until the new player turns 38. I'm sure this will work out swimmingly.

The irony of this is that Law's column ranking the 2007 free agent class--with the name, "Alfonso Soriano" right there at the top--was at least partly responsible for my delirious enthusiasm right after I heard the news Sunday afternoon.

Law's reasoning seems pretty solid--at least the reasoning contained in the one paragraph I was able to read for free. But that doesn't matter.

For comments judged to be injurious to the post-Soriano-signing bliss of the vast majority of Cubs fans worldwide, I am officially naming Keith Law the first-ever Enemy of the Blog.

I plan on adding an official Enemy of the Blog list to the page shortly. Perhaps I'll wait until after I've identified a few more enemies.

In the meantime, I'm sure Keith Law will be thinking about keeping his opinions, however well-reasoned they might be, to himself.

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  1. Mo said...
    Who the hell is Keith "Jude" Law?
    He has about as much credibility as Cubnut.
    What, I suppose you'd rather have Juan Pierre and his 40 RBI at $9,000,000/yr? Soriano's OBP was HIGHER than Pierre's and his OBPS is a whopping .200 higher.
    So piss on Keith Law.
    He's not gonna rain on MY parade.

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