Nemesis News

Over the weekend, Arizona and the Brewers consummated one of the least interesting 6-player trades in recent baseball history. The Diamondbacks sent Johnny Estrada, Claudio Vargas and Greg Aquino to Milwaukee for Doug Davis, Dana Eveland and David Krynzel.

Most noteworthy to me was Davis' departure from the NL Central. Though his career numbers against the Cubs are decent--6 wins, 5 losses, 3.58 ERA, 78 K's in 78 IP--I think of him as having been Cub-dominant, perhaps influenced by games like a 10-strikeout, 2-walk effort against Dusty's Boys late in 2005.

It seems to me that in the last few years, the Cubs have suffered against soft-tossing lefties like Davis, so on balance, I'm happy to see him headed west.

Last Friday, Houston closed a deal that will bring a true Cub nemesis, Carlos Lee, back to the division for six years, give or take. Lee's lifetime numbers against the Wrigleys are impressive bordering on terrifying:

Overall v. Cubs:
63 Games
78/245, .318 BA
19 HR
57 RBI
.379 OBP/.620 SLG/999 OPS

In Wrigley Field:
31 Games
41/123, .333 BA
12 HR
29 RBI
.387 OBP/.699 SLG/1086 OPS (!)

I believe that's what you kill a "Cub Killer."

The first time I ever heard that term, Jack Brickhouse was using it to describe Mike Jorgensen, a journeyman 1B/OF who played between 1968 and '85, mostly for the Mets and Expos.

Jorgensen's numbers vs. the Cubs:

173 Games
112/418, .268 BA
15 HR
65 RBI
.356 OBP/.447 SLG/803 OPS

Hardly Lee-like, but when you consider that Jorgensen's career line was .347/.373/720, not bad.

Still, with all due respect to Jack Brickhouse, I don't think those qualify as Cub-killing numbers.

Maybe just misdemeanor assault.


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