Cubs Complete Major Deal

Crain's Chicago Business--it's like The Sporting News in a suit.

On Friday, for instance, Crain's didn't let the fact that all was quiet on the Tribune boardroom tug-of-war front stand in the way of another Cubs mention. They reported that the team has struck a deal with an electricity supplier called Constellation NewEnergy, whereby the company will be responsible for transmission of all electricity to Wrigley Field.

If you're any kind of a baseball fan, you're well aware that electric utility service includes three phases: generation, transmission and distribution. Constellation NewEnergy is involved in the middle step, transmission, which amounts to purchasing power from generators before delivering it to the local distributor, in this case, the venerable Commonwealth Edison Co.

Fun fact provided in Crain's by Constellation NewEnergy's Julie Hextall, Vice President, Great Lakes region:

At its peak, Wrigley Field uses about 2.9 megawatts of electricity, roughly equal to the power usage of 2,000 private homes.

Another fun fact: with the money they'll be able to save by doing an end run around ComEd, the Cubs can now afford to void that advertising contract with Under Armour, trash the revolving advertising sign behind home plate and sign Carlos Zambrano into the year 2040.


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