Though Friday is international Pretend You're Working At Your Computer While You're Actually Trying To Purchase Cubs Seats Day, I am not planning to observe it.

It's the old impatience problem. I can't stand the thought of staring at my screen while the hourglass symbol fills or the clockface symbol winds around or the rainbow ball spins or I'm sent some other signal indicating that it's not yet my turn to pay the laughably exorbitant price of major league baseball tickets.

Then there's the old paycheck problem, i.e., I'm supposed to be earning one Friday morning instead of auto-clicking incoming calls to voicemail or hiding behind a closed door so I can jump on the very best seats to the May 5th game against the Nationals when they're finally made available to me.

The truth is, I am lucky enough to work at a company with four season tickets which in most years are available to me more often than I am able to use them. If the Cubs actually stay in the race all season long, the seats would be less available to me, but then I can always turn to StubHub or eBay or the local scalpers, who wouldn't think of charging a lifelong Cubs fan like myself more than five or six or ten times the face value.

Maybe I better log on Friday morning just in case.


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