Players packing for Spring Training might want to leave their golf clubs at
home. There will be little free time and lots of emphasis on fundamentals in
new Cubs manager Lou Piniella's camp.

"I don't like being on the field four hours," Piniella said of his plan,
"although I told a few of our players that if they want to play golf this
spring, it'll be twilight golf.", 2.12.07

The Cubs are taking steps to stay healthy and work more on
fundamentals this spring...

Cubs manager Dusty Baker said the Cubs won't do
anything different, just place a different emphasis on the workouts.

"You can't do much differently -- they are what they are," Baker said.
"We'll stress it more. We'll give it more importance. Fundamentals are the
same whether you're playing Little League, high school, Pony League, it
doesn't matter.", 2.16.06

There was a new message at the Chicago Cubs' camp on
Thursday, the first day pitchers and catchers took the field. Expect to hear
it a lot.

"It's the first day and I heard the word 'fundamentals' about 30 times,"
Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood said., 2.17.05

Cactus League play starts on Thursday, but Chicago Cubs
manager Dusty Baker said he's not ready for games yet.

"We're not ready physically, we're not ready fundamentally yet for games,"
Baker said Sunday. "I disagree with guys who say Spring Training is too
long. If anything, you might play too many games."

That's because Baker wants time to emphasize fundamentals., 2.23.03

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