Former Cub, Jeff Fassero, cut by the Giants last May, officially announced Friday night what the National League had known for a long time:

He was done.

The Springfield, Illinois native debuted for the Cubs in 2001 and started in fine fashion. By April 21st, when he struck out John Wehner to preserve a 4-3 Cubs victory at Pittsburgh, he had saved 9 of the team's first 12 wins.

Fassero, 38 years old at the time, would earn only 3 more saves over the remaining 145 games of the '01 season. (By early May, Tom Gordon had recovered sufficiently from elbow surgery to assume the closer's role.) In all, Fassero finished the year with a 3.42 ERA, with 79 K's and 23 BB's in 73 2/3 inning pitched. Not a bad season.

The lefty wore Cubbie blue until August of '02, when he was traded to St. Louis. He stayed with the Cardinals through '03, pitched for the Rockies and the Diamondbacks in '04, and for the Giants the past two years. Last season, he compiled a 7.80 ERA--Is "compiled" even the right word when your ERA is nearly 8.00?--giving up 23 hits and 8 walks in just 15 innings. Remarkably, the Giants actually let Fassero start a game last April, an ugly 4-inning, 7-hit, 4-run outing at Arizona.

Over 16 Major League seasons, Fassero won 121 games and lost 124, with 1643 K's and 724 BB's in more than 2,000 innings.


  1. DJ said...
    I still like leaving comments here where I'm the only one, unlike that TCR mega-blog where I'm merely one voice out of thousands.

    Cubnut, don't forget us 'little people' who helped you get where you are today.

    -- DJ
    President Emeritus
    Jeff Fassero Fan Club
    Phil said...
    Amen, brother DJ.

    I almost posted on the fanatsy story about how my 1991 Championship stopped the Creamer dynasty but realized that the number of people who would understand the significance was minimal.
    DJ said...
    I do believe Fassero was a Hebejebay at some point during his early years with the Expos. And I never got a thank you note.
    Cubnut said...
    I can' even remember who I used to have, but by leaving this comment--the 4th in regard to this post--I believe we have just set the all-time record for A Hundred Next Years.
    Phil said...
    The Hebejebays, I forgot about that! I remember having Terry Pendletion and Daryl Strawberry. Also Rob Dibble and Gary Carter, because I seemed to have all the jerks nobody else wanted.

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