I listened to less than an inning of the game via the Internet(s) Thursday afternoon, and owing to some otherworldly technical problem, the audio stream would come over just fine for a few minutes, then repeat itself in tact. (Refreshing the browser straightened things out.)

I encountered this same, strange problem with both the feed from WGN and the one from KNBR in San Francisco. The funny thing is, if I had listened to KNBR first, I would have realized what was happening right away. However, listening to Pat and Ron, I at first figured the wholesale repetition was a planned part of the broadcast. Maybe a new comedy bit the lads had cooked up in honor of the new season.

I happened to be listening during the game’s pivotal stretch, the top of the 6th, when Cub third baseman Scott Moore made two throwing errors, first pulling Derrek Lee off the bag on a ground ball, then throwing wide of Ryan Theriot at second, causing Theriot to pull his foot off the base and miss out on a force play. Theriot thought the ump blew the call, and Jon Miller said if it had been a regular season game, he imagined Lou Piniella would have stormed onto the field to raise holy hell. A mistake on Piniella’s part, I would say. He needs to get back in base-throwing shape BEFORE we get to the games that count.

Also, in the top of the 6th, Matt Murton was replaced in leftfield by Buck Coats. In my mind, Coats would have to hit .700 to justify his position on the 25-man roster. Otherwise, you’ll have people laughing at the fact that the Cubs have a reserve outfielder with a porn star name.

We don’t need to give anybody another reason to laugh.


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