I don't have the time to check, but it seems to me the Cubs' record in doubleheaders for as long as I've been a fan has been postively abysmal. Over the years, a split has been like a gift from above; a sweep, simply unthinkable.

(UPDATE: I just made the time to check, going back just five years. Since the beginning of the '02 season, the Cubs have played 13 doubleheaders, sweeping 1, being swept in 5, and splitting 7.)

Strictly speaking, Wednesday was not a doubleheader, but since the Cubs miraculously added two ticks in the Wins column on the same calendar day, I am happy to count it as such. 12-14 feels a whole lot better then the 10-14 the team was wearing after Monday night's defeat to the Pirates.

Jason Marquis continues to be masterful while striking out only a handful of hitters, dangerous stuff if you're a believer in the principle that any pitcher not named Greg Maddux needs to average at least 5.5 K/9 if he is going to enjoy long-term success. But so far, so good.

In the category of non-baseball miracles, or at least, possible non-baseball miracles, there is this hopeful report.

Addendum: In my post Monday night, I referred to Alfonso Soriano's 10-game hitting streak and to his having hit safely in 17 of 18 games through Monday night. Soriano's streak is now up to 12 games and he has reached base in all 20 games in which he's appeared this season, including the 4/22 game at Wrigley against the Cardinals, when he successfully pinch-hit. Derrek Lee, meanwhile, is on an 11-game streak and has hit safely in 24 of 26 games this year.


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