Well Done

The Cubs finish off last night's suspended game, defeating the Pirates 8-6. Because the 7th inning took 15 hours to complete, it's easy to forget the terrific comeback in the top of the 7th...but it was refreshing.

Cool the way Dempster intentionally allowed the Pirates to score a run in the bottom of the ninth to improve our record in Close Games.

Now, in the regularly scheduled game, Jason Marquis is up against Ian Snell, who has thrown Quality Starts in each of his five outings in '07. The Cubs have hit him pretty well in the past, however: .286 AVG with a slugging mark of .500. Ramirez has gone 5-for-11 against him.

Also, as you can see, the guy wears his hat crooked, which should be all the reason we need to pummel him.

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