Check out The Hardball Times' take on the Cubs' erstwhile ace, Carlos Zambrano. Author Carlos Gomez concurs with the popular wisdom that Zambrano's arm angle is lower than ever before and delivers the video to prove it.

Zambrano had an up-close view--just 60 feet, 6 inches away--of the seven-run, two-out, seventh-inning rally which cinched the win for the White Sox. Of course, the defeat and Zambrano's continued ineffectiveness would have been harder to endure if the Cubs hadn't chalked up such dramatic victories on Friday and Saturday. Even better, the drama unfolded against a backdrop of Ozzie Guillen's meltdown at the feet of another storied Chicago moron.

All in all, it's hard for me to imagine a two-of-three series win feeling more decisive or more satisfying.

Tuesday night, the Cubs return to old-fashioned, intraleague play in San Diego, with Rich Hill going up against Jake Peavy. In nine starts this year, Peavy has only allowed more than three runs once. Hill, by contrast, has pitched to a 5.29 ERA in three starts this month. Looks like a tough beginning to the six-game trip to San Diego and L.A.


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