I did a lousy job of following up on last week's mention of Yovani Gallardo, the budding Brewer pitching star assuming Ben Sheets's spot in the Milwaukee rotation while Sheets recovers from a finger injury.

In any case, on Tuesday night, Gallardo started his second game since Sheets went down and the good news is, he didn't throw as well tonight against the Reds as he did last week against the Diamondbacks.

The bad news is, Gallardo was fabulous last week and merely outstanding tonight.

7/17 vs. Arizona (10-1 Milwaukee win)
6 IP
0 ER
3 H
2 BB
4 K

Tonight vs. Cincinnati (5-3 Milwaukee win)
6 2/3 IP
1 ER
6 H
3 BB
2 K

Gallardo, now 3-1 for the season, was the winning pitcher in both games and his ERA is a nifty 2.18. Looks like Sheets may be able to take his time getting healthy.


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