Departing On A High Note

I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow so this is likely to be my final post for eight or nine days. With all that's liable to transpire in the baseball world over the next week or so, it's a most inopportune time to be away. (I don't know WHAT my wife was thinking when she planned a trip in conflict with the Major League trading deadline.)

That said, when I watch what is happening with the Cubs right now--Ted Lilly about to go 11-4, Jacque Jones as hot as a pistol, Mike Fontenot with an OPS approaching 900, Albert Pujols going 0-for-9 in the first two games of a Cubs/Cardinals series, the Cubs scoring two-out runs as effortlessly as they customarily give them up--it's quite apparent to me that the end of the world is upon us.

And if that happens, I might well be away from the blog for more than eight or nine days.

(AP Photo Tom Gannam)


  1. Beer said...
    Seems like anything Pinella touches turns to gold. Let's see if he can keep this streak alive.
    Cubnut said...
    Looks like the magic ran out today. I'm beginning to think the performance of the Cubs' 3-4-5 starting pitchers may be the ultimate determinant of the Cubs' fate this season.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment. Hope you keep coming back, though I probably won't be posting regularly for the next week.
    Cubnut said...
    Your wife definitely did not plan the vacation around baseball, I assure you.

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