From Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus:

"Soriano has a Grade II strain of his right quad, apparent from the second he stopped hopping and grabbed it. He grabbed it hard, right in the belly of the muscle, which tells you it was sore immediately, but wasn't so sore that he couldn't touch it, and that the damage wasn't at the ends or the muscle, where there's not as much fiber...At this stage the best guess is that he'll miss between two and four weeks, given what we know and his response to his strained left hamstring."
And from BP 2007 on Soriano's replacement on the 25-man roster, Eric Patterson:
"Eric Patterson was initially known as Corey's slower, weaker little brother...Eric does have a little less power, although he still has good sock for a second baseman. The biggest difference is that Eric takes about 30 of Corey's strikeouts and turns them into walks, giving him a 40-point edge in (on-base percentage) and putting him in position to steal more bases than his faster sibling."
AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh


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