I didn't watch Game 1 so much as I absorbed it: I tuned the tv to TBS, had my Walkman on WGN-Radio (with an occasional trip over to ESPN Radio), and kept MLB Gameday going on my computer. The radio feed was about five seconds ahead of the television and then Gameday was another few seconds behind that. The net effect of this sensory overload was something like motion sickness. Plus the Cubs lost, which was depressing. Motion sickness plus depression. That's a fun package for a Wednesday night.

My wife thought the scene was quite amusing. Then she took note of the front of the Arizona uniforms and asked why the team would have a nickname so long that the nickname required a shorter nickname which would fit on the fronts of the jerseys. I had no good answer to that. She's right. It's stupid. Now I have another reason to dislike the Diamondbacks, assuming they win this series.

Regarding the specifics of last night's game...

A couple weeks ago, I said I hoped Lou would do something decisive and dramatic to ensure the Cubs' success. Pulling his pitcher 85 pitches into an outstanding start in preparation for a possible Game 4 in the NLDS wasn't the kind of thing I had in mind, however his logic is certainly defensible.

More to the point, the fact that he had a reasonable plan and the confidence and courage to execute it knowing the possible downside is just another reason to like our manager. Same thing with inserting Geovany Soto into the middle of a pennant race and including Kevin Hart on the playoff roster.

We lost a road game last night to an excellent pitcher who threw a first-rate game, even better than our ace, who also performed well. Tonight, however, we face a less than excellent pitcher and the Cubs need to pound him.


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