The Rest Of The Story

Not every member of the press corps is ready to string up Lou Piniella for pulling Carlos Zambrano last night in favor of young Marmol.

Jay Schreiber writing in the Bats Blog at

For selfish reasons, I’d like to see the Cubs win because they’re a great story. Lou Piniella is colorful. He made a controversial decision last night to take Carlos Zambrano out of the game after 85 pitches. He was trying to keep Zambrano’s pitch count down so he could bring him back on three days rest on Sunday. The argument is that you can’t look ahead in the playoffs, just deal with it game by game.

The guy he brought in has been a terrific reliever for them — Carlos Marmol. I’ve been watching him. He’s one of the great unknown assets in Major League Baseball this year. If he got nervous in his first postseason game ever, so be it. But I don’t fault Piniella.


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