– The Cubs have started running their 2008 ad campaign. (You can see a couple samples here.) The graphic design is standout and the headlines are so well written...well, let's just say I wouldn't be surprised if the Cubs sell a lot of tickets this year.

– When I picked Sam Zell to be my TCR Cub Man Of The Year, I was assuming he would unload the team without ever actually operating it. My nomination simply reflected the importance of his decision to sell and his role in handing over the team to someone else, who would presumably chart a dramatic, new, un-Tribune-like course.

Who knew Zell would actually remain involved with the franchise long enough to prove himself a jerk?

– I don't link to other Cub fan blogs nearly often enough. This is one of my favorites. It's well written, frequently updated, and so sarcastic, I often wish I had written it.

– The most recent Stat of the Week from John Dewan at Baseball Info Solutions, under the headline, "Who needs a leadoff man?":

When the Cubs got their leadoff man on base four or more times in a game, their record was 20-26 in 2007. When the leadoff man got on three times or less, they went 65-51. They are the only team in 2007 and only the second team in the last six years (180 team seasons) to have a winning record with three or less leadoff men getting on in a game and a losing record with four or more...Go figure.


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