Maybe you're not.

Phil Rogers says "a very highly placed source" tells him the Cubs and Orioles are continuing to talk about a blockbuster deal that could bring Eric Bedard and Brian Roberts to the Cubs.

Bruce Miles of the Daily Herald is obviously talking to different people:

Hendry continues to work on possible trades, but informed insiders say no renewed talks are under way for a blockbuster with the Baltimore Orioles that would bring pitcher Erik Bedard and second baseman Brian Roberts to Chicago.

During this past weekend's Cubs convention, manager Lou Piniella said he didn't believe the Cubs would land even Roberts by himself, let alone Roberts and Bedard.

Let's throw it back to Phil Rogers:

...the one name to definitely keep in mind with the Cubs is Marlon Byrd. They are having conversations with the Texas Rangers about the center fielder, and this is a deal that could happen fairly quickly, assuming the Cubs are willing to give up some pitching.

The rumor in Texas involved Byrd for Matt Murton, but others say the deal would be Byrd for two or three players, including Murton. The Rangers, like the Orioles, apparently want pitching prospect Sean Gallagher to be in a deal.

Mr. Miles?

The Cubs like Texas outfielder Marlon Byrd. Hendry is actively shopping outfielder Matt Murton.

This is making me dizzy. Here's what I think:

Roberts' speed and OBP would be nice, but the cost for upgrading from DeRosa to Roberts is bound to exceed the value of the move and its net overall impact on the Cub offense. It's not that Roberts isn't a talented batsman, but that his contribution would be mitigated by the fact that DeRosa would no longer have a regular place to play.

It would be swell to pry Bedard loose from Andy MacPhail, but Seattle seems to have more blue chip prospects to offer than the Cubs do.

With respect to Byrd, I have the feeling the Cubs are overvaluing him based on one strong partial season in the hitter's paradise of Arlington, Texas. I like Murton, though I have to admit he seems to have no well-defined role on this Cubs team.

If Jim Hendry is bound and determined to move Murton, I hope they can get more for him than Marlon Byrd. The thought that the Cubs would have to part with three or four players to get him is flat-out repulsive.


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