Since the season began, I've been writing a "Cubs Hits Of The Week" piece each Monday at The Cub Reporter, based on the Win Probability Added resulting from each Cub at-bat during the preceding week.

Last week was interesting
because as well as the Cubs played (five wins in six starts between Monday, 4/14, and Sunday, 4/20), there weren't many dramatic, game-altering, high-WPA hits. That's what you get for jumping to early leads then thumping opponents into submission.

Wednesday night's game at Colorado, won 7-6 in thrilling, 10-inning fashion by the Cubs, was another matter entirely. Between the Cubs and the Rockies, from just the sixth inning on, there were four hits with higher WPAs than anything the Cubs delivered all of last week.

(Again, that's not to suggest the Cubs weren't hitting last week. They did, after all, put together back-to-back 13-run games against Pittsburgh after putting 12 runs on the board last Wednesday against the Reds. The point is that the games were mostly one-sided Cub victories, which depressed the WPA of any individual Cub hit.)

As for Wednesday night's win, Aramis Ramirez's ninth-inning homer to put the Cubs up, 6-5, registered a game-high WPA of .638. The fact that Kerry Wood couldn't protect that one-run lead in the last of the ninth simply opened the door for Ryan Theriot's game-winning--and .351 WPA-registering--tenth-inning single.

A fine win and one that was rich in big hits, which was a bonus: those 12-3, 13-1, and 13-6 victories get to be SO tedious.


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