As shared with the listening public on Thursday's Mike Murphy Show on WSCR Radio, Ozzie's reasons for hating The Friendly Confines:

  • Nowhere around the park for Ozzie to park his car.
  • Cramped, crummy clubhouse.
  • Clubhouse is a long walk from anywhere else a manager might need to go before a game.
  • Rats.
  • Lousy playing surface (at least until it was fixed, Ozzie points out, by an employee of the Chicago White Sox).
  • Scoreboard stinks.
Also, Ozzie said that while he has respect and affection for many in the Cubs organization, including Cubs GM Jim Hendry, he couldn't see himself ever managing the Cubs, regardless of who asked and how much they wanted to pay him.

Somehow, I don't see anyone testing that conviction.


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