Having dispatched Aaron Harang and Josh Fogg, the Cubs will try to defeat Reds phenom Edinson Volquez Thursday afternoon at Wrigley Field and complete the sweep of Cincinnati.

Eric Patterson made his 2008 debut in Wednesday night's win and struck out, which he did a lot this year in Iowa (12 K in 36 AB). Patterson has been among the most highly regard Cubs position prospects (Baseball Prospectus 2008: "...sounder fundamental player (than brother Corey) with a very good plate approach and a high baseball IQ..."), but I have this nagging feeling that he is simply going to wind up joining Corey and Felix Pie in the List Of Guys Who We Thought Were Really Going To Be Something But Turned Out To Be Nothing Much.

Mark DeRosa looked utterly helpless last night running after a wind-blown fly ball, and Patterson, an infielder by trade, is hardly accomplished in the outfield. All in all, I wish the Cubs had brought up Matt Murton.


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