I was going to post over the lunch hour in reaction to the results of Alfonso Soriano's MRI and the Cubs' announced roster move--recall of Matt Murton? Eric Patterson?--assuming Soriano would be placed on the DL. But neither the MRI results nor the roster move have been announced yet. So there.

In the meantime, I will take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate something I saw last night which I deem fully worthy of celebration:

Aramis Ramirez driving the ball deep to left field and hustling out of the batter's box.

Maybe it's because he was positive the ball wouldn't clear the left field wall. Maybe he was trying to look good in front of his former manager. Whatever the reason, it was gratifying to see.

As long as it doesn't cause him to pull a calf muscle.

Update: Soriano goes on the 15-day DL, and Eric Patterson is your newest Chicago Cub. He's not starting tonight, however, as DeRosa continues in left field, and Mike Fontenot holds down second and bats leadoff.


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