The Cubs' 7-4 win over the Pirates Friday afternoon was their seventh without a loss this season and tenth consecutive win against the Bucs dating back to '07.

A cynic could argue that the Cubs' 27-17 record would be a much less impressive 20-17 without all of those wins against the NL Central's proverbial punching bag. Of course, the Pirates, who stand at 20-22, would be 20-15 minus their encounters with the division-leading Cubs.

Consider too that the first two games between the clubs this season were 12- and 15-inning games which could well have been won by the Pirates, and Pittsburgh's relatively surprising start begins to look borderline impressive.

And if the Pirates are borderline impressive and the Cubs have beaten them seven times in a row, well, I think you're justified in telling that cynic to go to hell.


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