Freaky Thursday

Looking at the live box score of today's Padres/Cubs game, I was struck by how many elements in it looked completely preposterous.

Play along, and decide which of the following is the freakiest of all, because I can't:

  • Ryan Theriot hitting over .300
  • Ronny Cedeño hitting over .300
  • Henry Blanco hitting over .300
  • Theriot, Cedeño, and Blanco all hitting over .300
  • Ryan Dempster delivering an 8 1/3-inning start
  • And striking out 12
  • And walking 1
  • And lowering his ERA to 2.35
  • And improving his record to 5-1
  • The Cubs starting a centerfielder named Jim Edmonds
  • And yeah, it's that Jim Edmonds
With this afternoon's 4-0 shutout, the Cubs are 25-16, which is the second-best record in baseball.

Compared to the other items in this post, that seems positively mundane.


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