Yesterday at The Cub Reporter I wrote about the Nasty Boys-level excellence of the '08 Cubs relief trio of Kerry Wood, Carlos Marmol, and Bob Howry...and Howry promptly went out and allowed the Braves 4 hits and 2 runs in just 2/3 of an inning.

Today I wrote about the recent flurry of injuries that had settled over St. Louis, requested that the Fates continue to smile on the eminently healthy Chicago Cubs...and Atlanta's Jeff Bennett sends Alfonso Soriano on a 6-week vacation.

I think I've done quite enough for today, don't you?

Oops, one thing: a correction to yesterday's post, in which I noted that Carlos Marmol and Kerry Wood got the night off. In fact, Marmol slipped into the game in the top of the seventh, retired the only hitter he faced, and preserved the lead which Bob Howry then nearly coughed up in the next inning.


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