Len Kasper's Real Genius

Len Kasper is rightfully being singled out all over the Chicago sports media for his call of Jim Edmond's game-tying homer Thursday afternoon. In case you missed it, the entire WGN broadcast was a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the first Cubs game the station covered.

In true Jack Brickhouse fashion, Kasper described the Edmonds homer thusly:

"That's deep to left...back, back, back...HEY, HEY!!!...he did it!...attaboy, Jimmy!!!...WHEEEEEEE!"
The impersonation was splendid and all the more impressive because it came at such an elevated point in the game, when one could certainly have forgiven Kasper if he had forgotten to channel Brickhouse and deliver the signature call.

What I found even more impressive was Kasper's use of another Brickhouse-ism—"...any old kind of a run"—during the immediate aftermath of Reed Johnson's walk-off HBP. If you grew up a Cubs fan within WGN's broadcast area during the Brickhouse days, you heard him utter that phrase a million times ("Any old kind of a run wins it..."). As far as I know, Kasper grew up in Michigan and I believe is too young besides to have heard Brickhouse calling Cubs games.

In other words, the guy did his homework for Thursday's game and deserves the high grades he has been getting since.


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