The honorable Scott Smith, mayor of Mesa, Arizona, the 38th largest city in the United States, had a lot to say on Thursday about the so-called "Cubs Tax," a surcharge on tickets to all Cactus League games that would help fund a new Cubs stadium in Mesa. And he said it on Twitter.

As tweeted by @Mayor_Smith...

Truth Alert #1: Proposed legislation to benefit ALL Cactus League teams not just Cubs.

Truth Alert #2: Whether or not you like publicly financed stadiums, Leg, county govt AND voters all approved. It's been system for years.

Truth Alert #3: AZ Sports Auth has has used tourist taxes to fund $183 mil for stadiums in 6 cities for 9 teams other than Cubs.

Truth Alert 3 Clarification: That's $183 mil on spring training facilities only.

Truth Alert #4: Cubs fans bought 22% of Cactus League tics and resp for 1/3 of econ activity. Result: Cubs fans pay most tourist tax by far!

Truth Alert #5: Stadium where White Sox train received most AZSTA funding at $60 mil.

"Truth Alert" sounds more like something you'd hear from Stephen Colbert than from the mayor of the 38th largest city in the United States. But the controversial plan in the Arizona legislature known as House Bill 2736A is coming under spirited attack from the White Sox and Mariners and (supposedly) all of the other Cactus League teams, and the mayor is clearly concerned that the biggest spring training draw in all of Arizona may again start flirting with those developers in Naples, Florida.


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